Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Number sentences

I am learning to make groups to 5 and write number sentences. 

"I had to get 3 yellow bears and 2 blue bears. It makes 5. I wrote a number sentence. It is easy for me. I am proud because I finished it quickly." 

Thursday, 8 May 2014

Writing for a purpose

We published our story. Our story was about mum. Mum was our word of the week and it was going to be mothers day. We wrote our story so Mum could read it. We have been learning that we write for a purpose. The purpose of our story was to tell Mum something we like about her.   

"I am publishing my story so mum can read it. It is tricky to write a long story. I like writing my stories for mum and dad."

Root words and their endings

I had to circle the root word and then I had to circle the ending. It was easy for me because we just had to circle the front word and then the ending. ‘Clean’ is the root word and ‘ing’ is the ending. Other endings are ‘ed’, ‘ing’ and ‘s’.