Friday, 14 March 2014

Before and after numbers

I am learning about numbers that are before and after. It is tricky to know what number comes before and after. It is easy to count up to the number, this helps me know what number comes before. I can use the hundreds board to help me find the numbers before and after.

"It is sometimes easy when I can look at the number and then point at it. I am pointing to the number 13. This is before number 14" - Matthew 

Writing our word of the week

I am learning to use the word of the week in my story writing. I had to use the word see in my story. It is tricky to write words. I can use my word card to help me. I can try and sound out my letters. I am proud when I write my words. I am proud when I find the word I need on my word card. I am proud of my picture I did on Kid Pix.

"I saw people with the hammers. The word is pink because it was the word of the week. It is easy when I do my picture and when I find the words on my word card. It is tricky to spell words that are not on my word card" - Matthew 

Friday, 7 March 2014

Using illustrations to help me read

I am learning to use the illustrations to help me read. Illustrations help me read tricky words. I can look at the pictures and find words that match the sounds of the letters I can hear and see. Pictures give me clues when I am reading. They help me know what the story is about. I can talk about the pictures.

"It is tricky to read some tricky words. The pictures help me to read. It is easy to see the writing and read the words. I am proud of reading books by myself." - Matthew 

Thursday, 6 March 2014


We are learning how to use our flutter boards. It is fun!